Lawlocast 2

2009-09-19 11:33:13 by lawlolawlstudios

The second Lawlocast is up!

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2009-09-19 11:42:57

cant wait for ur stuff and good luck with the cards

lawlolawlstudios responds:

Thanks, man, I really do appreciate the support! :D


2009-09-19 13:05:23

One Are you related by any chance to my teacher Jessica Pollack.

two Janey is perrty

three my dads doing that goggle thing two ...its pretty interesting.

four I'm going to Boces for graphic disign and my teacher told me about that trading card thing and I think I might do it couse when me and my bro were younger we made like 3 series of trading cards. It's actually very fun.

five with school ...SAME THING HERE my mythology teacher gives us essays like everyday. I still have to sign up for the S.A.T.'s though I think I'm going to take the A.C.T.'s instead.(i suck at math)

lawlolawlstudios responds:

I'm not sure that I know a Jessica related to me..

I'm sure she would appreciate that! :D

Sounds awesome! It's nice to be able to make the cards for sales, too.

Yeah, ugh, SAT etc... not fun. Ugh.


2009-09-19 14:19:36

hey, i can't wait for more comics / games .. & if
you need any help in ideas / art ( etc .. ) let me know
and i'll do it / help out .. :p

lawlolawlstudios responds:

Thanks, dude. I'm not looking for any help at the moment, but I'll know who to shout out to. :)